1. How to Be an Effective Human Resources Leader

    Key Actions for Impactful Human Resource Professionals Working with hundreds of human resource professionals over the course of my career, I have observed certain characteristics and actions that are shared by the most highly effective and impactful human resource leaders and human resource consulta…Read More

  2. Five Things Managers can do to Improve Employee Relations

    Having spent thirty years as a human resource and labor relations consultant, I have observed that a positive labor relations environment is highly dependent on the relationship between employees and their immediate manager or supervisor. Listed below are five important actions that managers should …Read More

  3. Improved Union Relations Lead to Productive Contract Negotiations

    Achieving Cooperative Partnerships and Competitive Labor Agreements In order for companies that have represented employees to be successful, it is essential that management and union leadership are able to develop and sustain cooperative partnerships and ensure that their negotiated labor agreement…Read More

  4. Gain Valuable Insights with Employee Relations Assessments

    Success Depends on People Working Together - LISTEN to Your Employees: It is widely acknowledged that good employee relations are one of the cornerstones to the success of most any business. People that are engaged and motivated can provide their employer with a real competitive advantage, generatin…Read More

  5. Understand Your Risk for Unionization

    Union Organizing Campaigns are Costly and Disruptive - For those organizations that have a non-union workforce, we can help our client company discreetly determine their vulnerability to potential union organizing. Having worked with both union and non-union companies over the past 30 years, we have…Read More

  6. Successful Mergers and Acquisitions

    Research consistently shows that the acquiring company has a limited time frame in which to act and must develop an action plan for a fast, well-focused transition. Key changes must be accelerated in order to capture value. It is important that all changes affecting people are in place and communica…Read More

  7. More Informative Articles and Insights

    We continually post new articles and insights for our readers on a regular basis, so be sure to check back again soon. If you would like more information on one of these topics, or care to discuss an article of interest, please email us at cameron@hutchgrp.com or call us directly at (203) 233-6200.…Read More