One of the most important responsibilities of a senior executive is to ensure that their leadership team continually focuses on new and creative ways to increase competitiveness and performance. Too often, leaders within an organization become consumed with day to day activities, each focusing on narrow segments of the business, losing sight of their colleagues concerns and total business picture.

Over the course of our 30 plus year history, the Hutchison Group has developed an efficient and straight forward process for bringing the key members of the management team together, to discuss concerns and ideas for improvement. The results of this process have produced significant benefits, including:

  • Improve Communications with Open and Candid Facilitated Discussion
  • Establish a Clear and Unified Vision for the Team
  • Set Specific Goals and Objectives
  • Identify Obstacles
  • Develop Strategies and Tactics to Accomplish Goals
  • Establish Time Frames and How to Measure Results
  • Agree to Follow Up Activities

Guest Speakers Are Available for Workshops, Seminars and Dinner Meetings

Hutchison group President, Cameron Hutchison, and other select members of the company’s senior staff can be available to speak or lecture and a variety of company events. These typically include off-site management meetings, workshops, seminars and dinner meetings. Our speakers are well-versed on a variety of labor relations and HR issues, and will work with company management in advance in order to understand the message they wish to be conveyed, along with any particular points of emphasis.

“The time you spent with our team early in the acquisition process, developing a strategic plan that addressed important people and cost issues, provided us with a road map for success … Thanks again”

The Boeing Company – St. Louis Operations

Facilitated Meetings and Guest Speakers (Click Here To Download Brochure)