1. Understanding Why Employees Resist Change

    For companies to remain competitive in their respective industries, they must have the ability to implement meaningful changes from time to time. This is especially true today, as many businesses are experiencing significant challenges resulting from the global COVID-19 crisis. However, getting empl…Read More

  2. Strategies for Creating High Performance Workplaces

    To help meet the challenges and pressures of an increasingly competitive world, it is essential that businesses look for new ways to create or maintain highly efficient operations. This article outlines several strategies that Hutchison Group, an employee relations consulting firm, has used with our…Read More

  3. Fielding the Right Team

    It is widely understood that there is no greater factor in determining an organization's success than that of having a talented and motivated team of employees. The following article highlights key factors in selecting employees and the importance of placing them in positions where they are best abl…Read More