At Hutchison Group, we’ve devoted ourselves to guiding the world’s best companies through transitions and changes. Our expertise has helped union leaders, managers, and employees figure out how to work together and increase productivity while reducing costs. In our decades of work, we’ve had some time to observe what makes for great managers. We’ve seen first-hand what works and what doesn’t when it comes to leading groups of people whether things are going great or you’ve got a transition shaking everyone up.

In today’s blog, we want to take some time to share the core things that great managers do to keep their teams working together and moving forward. These are tips we work to convey to our clients while helping them navigate their unique situations.

7 Core Habits of Effective Managers

Delegate responsibility and authority at the same time.

You can delegate tasks all you want, but if you don’t also delegate the authority to complete those tasks, you won’t see the results you need. Worse, the team members responsible for the tasks will end up frustrated instead of motivated. Don’t just give them tasks; make sure they can complete them, too. While this might seem like a lot of work, it’s still less than doing it all yourself!

Emphasize communication.

Even when you think you’re communicating enough, chances are good that you could do more. It’s too easy to get busy and leave your employees to discover organizational news second-hand. If you aren’t sure how to balance everything, let us help. There are strategies you can use to keep information flowing.

Don’t forget goals.

People need to understand what they’re working toward. They need to know that the tasks for which they are responsible have a purpose. By reminding them about large-scale goals and showing them how their work makes those goals possible, you can motivate your employees to keep going even when times are hard.

Pursue lasting solutions.

No matter what challenge you’re facing, there are a bunch of solutions out there. Some are fast, some are slow, some are easier, some are more difficult. Try not to get caught up in running from issue to issue and distributing band-aids. Instead, stay on the lookout for the cause behind the issue and do what you can to ensure the issue won’t come up again.

Fight for time that you can invest in your employees.

If there’s something we encourage our clients to focus on, it’s the people around them. Ultimately, that’s what leadership is all about. Even if you can’t spend a lot of time focusing directly on your team or employees, fight for whatever time you can get and don’t let your phone distract you.

Celebrate achievements.

Even employees just trying to make a paycheck want to do a good job. By recognizing their efforts, you can give them a reason to continue doing a good job. Employees who only hear what needs to improve tend to lose their motivation due to feeling unappreciated and discouraged. You’re all fighting battles; let us show you easy ways you can encourage your team to be victorious in theirs.

Don’t take it too seriously — and ask for help.

Yes, running a business is a serious venture. However, you cannot allow the seriousness of everything that needs to be done to extinguish the fun in your workplace. If you want to be successful, you absolutely must keep things fun. If you’re feeling overwhelmed or at a loss, let us help. We have years of experience in balancing work and play, and we can help you transform your workplace.

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