Our labor relations consultants work with both management and union leadership to assess the current labor relations environment to identify problems and opportunities for improvement. We facilitate discussions with both parties to develop practical action plans to achieve meaningful change, improving cooperation and minimizing conflict.

Build Trust and Establish Common Purpose

The Union-Management sessions are typically conducted in a relaxed atmosphere away from the pressures of formal bargaining, which allows participants to freely explore new ideas and strategies for moving forward. Once a new framework has been agreed to, management and the union can commence formal negotiations to solidify the “win-win” concepts and key provisions they identified during their informal discussions. Other important benefits of this process include:

  • Assess the Current Union-Management Relationship
  • Understand the Importance of a Productive Working Relationship
  • Build on Current Successes
  • Identify Problems and Sources of Conflict
  • Develop Practical Action Plans for Improvement
  • Review Best Practices to Help the Business Compete
  • Set the Stage for Productive Contract Negotiations
  • Conduct Assessments and Training with Supervisors and Union Stewards
  • Design Communication Plans to Keep Employees Informed of Progress

Working Together Create “Win-Win” Labor Agreements

With over 30 years of experience in designing and negotiating competitive, “win-win” labor agreements with many of our nation’s largest labor unions, we work closely with management and union leaders to develop effective working relationships and new labor agreements that serve the interest of all parties, and position the company for future success.

Reassure the Board of Directors and Shareholders

As an added benefit, these efforts help to reassure the Board of Directors and Shareholders that management has been proactive in addressing potential areas of concern, eliminating costly disruptions that can negatively impact both share price and company valuation.

“Having worked with the Hutchison Group for over ten years, they are a respected and trusted resource that has repeatedly helped us improve our communications and working relationships with company management.”

International Association of Machinists

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