Equipped with decades of experience working for large international corporations, our team of labor relations consultants and business professionals has the knowledge and skills to evaluate, design, and implement effective strategies to help our clients achieve their business goals and objectives.

Human Resources Consulting Services

Increased workloads, special projects, the need to understand best practices, and aggressive schedule requirements are key drivers for retaining assistance from our experienced HR consultants. Read More

Employee Relations Assessments and Strategies

Using a proprietary focus group methodology, our assessments provide valuable information and insights for improving communication, working relationships and business performance. These assessments are effective in both union and non-union environments. Read More

Mergers, Acquisitions, Due Diligence and Restructuring

We offer proven strategies to help you achieve your M&A and integration goals. Our consultants conduct due diligence and develop plans to restructure labor costs, increase flexibility, negotiate new labor agreements, and improve employee relations. Read More

Plan and Negotiate Exceptional Labor Agreements

Given our 30 yeas of experience, we develop innovative strategies for securing competitive, “win-win” labor agreements, helping to position your company and employees for future success. We also provide lead negotiator and many other support services. Read More

Improve Union-Management Cooperation

Our experienced labor relations consultants work with management and union leadership to assess the current labor relations environment, identifying problems and opportunities for improvement. We’ll also develop practical action plans to achieve meaningful change and reduce conflict. Read More

Supervisor Training for Improved Employee Relations

Research consistently shows that a supervisors daily interactions with their employees has a significant impact on retention rates, teamwork, quality and other key performance measures. Our training programs provide supervisors with valuable insights and practical tips for improvement. Read More

Asses Your Vulnerability to Union Organizing

For those organizations that have a non-union workforce, we can help our clients discreetly determine their vulnerability to potential union organizing. Over the past 30 years, we have learned to identify key warning signs and recommend proactive steps to address areas of concern. Read More

Meeting Facilitators and Guest Speakers

Over the years, we have developed a simple but effective process for helping senior executives, managers and their team members, step back from the day-to-day demands of their jobs, to carefully think about the direction of their company, and collectively discuss ideas for improvement. Read More

Contract Executives and Recruitment

In recent years we have seen a growing demand for experienced and knowledgeable Contract Executives to assist with special projects and interim management duties. In addition, our management recruitment services consistently produce excellent results. Read More