Increasingly for businesses to remain competitive they must continually look for new ways to improve productivity and reduce costs. At the Hutchison Group, our team of knowledgeable and experienced consultants works closely with our clients to understand their specific needs, providing them practical solutions to help them achieve their goals and objectives.

Working as an extension of our client’s management team, we explore alternatives, set objectives, and identify the best approach for achieving measurable results. Here are just a few of the ways that we help our clients reduce costs and improve productivity:

  • Identify and Secure Labor Cost Savings
  • Conduct Productivity Improvement Audits
  • Eliminate Restrictive Work Rules and Inefficient Practices
  • Design Flexible Job Structures and Job Descriptions
  • Ensure Smooth Transitions for Company Restructuring
  • Plan and Negotiate New Competitive Labor Agreements
  • Reduce Grievances, Litigation and Other Costly Disruptions
  • Maintain Union Free Status at Non-Union Locations
  • Create Performance Driven Compensation Programs
  • Establish Meaningful Employee Engagement Programs
  • Develop Customized Training Programs
  • Individual Coaching and Counseling

“Thanks for helping us with the Boeing Acquisition…and creating a more flexible and productive job structure, consolidating the previous 125 hourly union jobs down to just 15 broad jobs.”

Spirit AeroSystems

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