1. Responding to Union Organizing Campaigns

    The following article provides an overview of the legal guidelines established by the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) governing union organizing campaigns and key actions that management can take in response.   First Signs of Union Contact with Employees Unions may randomly appear at an empl…Read More

  2. Understanding Why Employees Resist Change

    For companies to remain competitive in their respective industries, they must have the ability to implement meaningful changes from time to time. This is especially true today, as many businesses are experiencing significant challenges resulting from the global COVID-19 crisis. However, getting empl…Read More

  3. Strategies for Creating High Performance Workplaces

    To help meet the challenges and pressures of an increasingly competitive world, it is essential that businesses look for new ways to create or maintain highly efficient operations. This article outlines several strategies that Hutchison Group, an employee relations consulting firm, has used with our…Read More

  4. Reducing Labor Costs During Economic Downturns

    In response to COVID-19 and other unforeseen events that can negatively impact businesses, some companies may be forced to significantly reduce their labor costs in order to remain solvent. Hutchison Group HR and Labor Relations Consultants have identified several actions employers should evaluate b…Read More

  5. Renegotiating Union Contracts During COVID-19

    During times of crisis or uncertainty, it is important that company management and union officials remain flexible and consider new workforce strategies and ways to improve labor relations in order to keep their business viable, for both shareholders and employees. This message has never been more p…Read More

  6. Acquisition of Union Represented Operations

    Important Options and Considerations  The following is intended to provide an overview of key considerations and options available to the Buyer when acquiring a union represented operation by means of an Asset Purchase Sale. Unlike a Stock Purchase acquisition, where the Buyer inherits the existing…Read More

  7. Half a Wheel Won’t Roll

    Far too often blame gets placed solely on the manager if things aren’t going well for his/her department or working group.  Of course, managers are responsible for their team, however, they alone cannot ensure success. The entire team must contribute as well. Great managers must know how to creat…Read More

  8. Be Part of a Successful Team

    While reflecting on my past nursing experience, I realize why I preferred working in a hospital setting rather than a solo nursing career (i.e. home health care or private duty nurse).  The reason; working in the hospital setting gave me the satisfaction of being part of a team. Teamwork helps to c…Read More

  9. Creating Positive and Productive Work Environments

    In today’s increasingly competitive business environment, it is essential for employers to effectively leverage the skills and talents of their employees. Listed below are five elements that have proven helpful in achieving this goal. Get Everyone Focused on the Same Goals First and foremost, it i…Read More

  10. People are Key to Company Success

    While there are many variables that determine the success or failure of a business, it is generally acknowledged that having a talented and motivated workforce is one of the most important factors. The following information is intended to highlight several key actions that a company can take in orde…Read More