Our labor relations consultants have over 30 years of experience designing and negotiating competitive “Win-Win” labor agreements with many of our nation’s largest labor unions. Working closely with our clients, we help identify specific needs and develop strategies for negotiating union contracts that benefit all parties. Given our experience, we can lead the union contract negotiation process or help guide and support company negotiators. Services frequently performed in this area include:

  • Review Current Labor Agreements
  • Assess the Needs and Priorities of both Management and the Union
  • Develop “Win-Win” Outcomes that Serve the Interest of both Parties
  • Research Best Industry Practices
  • Act as Lead Negotiations or Assist and Support Company Negotiators
  • Propose New Contract Language
  • Develop Employee Communication Plans to Help Secure Contract Ratification
  • Provide Negotiator Training
  • Mediation Services

  • “Mr. Hutchison is a fair minded and skilled negotiator, and was instrumental in the design and implementation of key HR innovations in some of our most difficult labor environments.”

    Westinghouse Corporation – VP Human Resources

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