In order to affect meaningful change, it is essential to first have a comprehensive understanding of the current employee relations environment.

Using a proprietary focus group methodology developed by the Hutchison Group, we actively “LISTEN” to employee ideas and concerns. This proven process provides valuable information and insights for improving communication, working relationships and business performance. Typically, focus groups are arranged to meet separately with management, union leaders, shop supervisors and hourly employees. This assessment process can be effectively employed in both union and non-union work environments.

The experienced employee relations consultants from Hutchison Group have successfully performed many assessments over the years, and we consistently find that employees almost always express appreciation for the opportunity to share their concerns, and are gratified that the company values them enough to “listen” to and consider their ideas for improvement. This assessment, or listening process, is an important first step towards improving communication and building more effective working relationships.

During the initial assessment, key topics for discussion typically include:


  • Initial Planning Meeting with Management and Union Leaders to Discuss Process
  • Reaffirm the Company’s Interest in Listening to Employee Ideas and Opinions
  • Understand What is Working Well
  • Identify Problem Areas
  • Provide Recommendations for Improvement
  • Develop Practical Action Plans
  • Joint Follow-Up Meetings to Track and Discuss Progress

The Hutchison Group is here to come alongside your team and make you more successful. Contact us today to learn more about our employee relations training and assessments.