Achieving Cooperative Partnerships and Competitive Labor Agreements

In order for companies that have represented employees to be successful, it is essential that management and union leadership are able to develop and sustain cooperative partnerships and ensure that their negotiated labor agreements are competitive within their respective industry.

In order to achieve the above, senior company management must take the lead in facilitating the relationship, with a focus on establishing mutual respect and trust. Beyond the executive level, it is essential that these efforts are followed closely by involving first-line managers, union stewards and employees.

cFor many years, union leaders’ traditional stance was to fight with management, however, as the number of union members in the United States has significantly declined, many senior union leaders are now more receptive to change. But for real change to take place, management must work with the union leadership to break old paradigms, find ways eliminate tradition-restrictive work rules and determine future compensation based on company performance. In the end, the union contract negotiations must reflect the need for a very flexible work environment, allowing the company to effectively compete within its industry.

The Hutchison Group has been working with management and labor union leaders for over 30 years, helping them develop cooperative working relationships. We help the parties find common ground, focus on what is working well, identify problem areas and offer recommendations for meaningful improvement.

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