Union Organizing Campaigns are Costly and Disruptive –

For those organizations that have a non-union workforce, we can help our client company discreetly determine their vulnerability to potential union organizing. Having worked with both union and non-union companies over the past 30 years, we have learned to identify key warning signs and recommend proactive steps to address most any concerns.

Like most things in life, to address a problem before it starts is by far the most effective approach. Failure to recognize these warning signs can often result in having to engage in a costly and disruptive union organizing campaign, not to mention having to explain to both the board of directors and shareholders how this could happen.

aTwo of our principal tools in assessing any potential vulnerability to union organizing are to facilitate employee relations assessments with a small percentage of the workforce and to conduct practical employee relations training for company supervisors. The assessments are almost always appreciated by the employees, and using the insights derived from these conversations, management will have an opportunity to address any areas of concern. In regard to supervisor training, it is essential that all supervisors are well versed in how to interact effectively with employees, as most union campaigns are the result of how only a few ineffective supervisors can serve as the catalyst for the union’s initial contact.

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