There are five things that make a good manager great. Let’s look at the following five leadership qualities:

  • Honesty
  • Communication skills
  • Decisiveness
  • Confidence
  • Creativity


Honesty is a critical characteristic that any manager must possess. If a team feels their manager is not telling them the truth, things will begin to deteriorate rapidly. If the team sees their manager as a dishonest person, they will have no respect for him. Without respect, there is no leadership. Without leadership, there’s no team. Living here in Texas we know that horses are a herd animal — they feel safe in numbers. Every herd has a “herd leader”. All others look to the herd leader for guidance, structure, and decision making.


Communication is key. One quality a manager must possess that makes him/her exceptional is excellent communication skills. An exceptional manager knows how to talk with their team, not talk “at” them. The manager must listen to their team members. They must use “active” listening skills. The manager must not come across to his team as just pretending to listen and then go back to his office completely ignoring all that was said.


Decisiveness is important to the managerial role. Can you imagine the uneasy feeling a team member would have if they never knew what their manager wanted or expected from them? Rules and expectations need to be clear. A team would really struggle to perform their best if they didn’t know what was expected from them. If making decisions is hard for you, then you are most likely not suited for a managerial role. Managers need to be results-focused. In order to do this, gather information on what needs to be done, analyze it, consider solutions, then decide on the best course of action – and do so quickly!


A confident manager will be a sound leader. If their team sees the manager as strong and empowering, they will want to follow. Again, like the herd of horses, they will feel safe following his/her lead. It simply comes down to trust. A confident manager will never feel the need to belittle or disrespect their team. They will show a healthy respect for them. The secure manager will respect their ideas, opinions and viewpoints. The confident manager will show strength through encouraging their team. They will show enthusiasm as well as empathy in helping staff members balance work and personal life. A strong, confident leader will not feel the need to exploit their position of authority.


Lastly, creativity plays an important role in the managerial position. A creative leader will inspire his team members to generate and develop original and creative ideas. Creativity in employees can lead to increased workplace satisfaction. Enthusiasm and drive can be a result of working with a creative manager and team. You want to keep the workplace fresh by continually striving to invent new ideas and creative approaches. A great manager will be able to analyze trends, look at new data and keep up with the times.

Strong managers know how to solve problems, or better yet, how to prevent problems in the first place. Being promoted to a management role does not guarantee success. As with anything else, you must work at it. Strong leaders are effective and productive. They will have the respect of their team members, therefore making the team motivated to achieve their very best.

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This article Nancy J Smith, employee relations specialist at the Hutchison Group. Prior to joining the Hutchison Group Nancy spent 25 years in various nursing and educator positions at several of the country’s best healthcare facilities.