Welcome to the Hutchison Group! Supervisor training is one of the most important actions that a company can take to improve employee and labor relations. Research shows that supervisors’ daily interactions with their employees have a significant impact on teamwork, retention, and other key performance measures. Even a few supervisors with poor interpersonal skills can be the cause for instigating union organizing campaigns, grievances, litigations, and other costly disruptions. Our labor relations training for supervisors provides participants with valuable insights and practical tools to improve employee relations. We also offer labor relations training for HR. Contact our labor relations consultants today for a free consultation. 

  1. Five Qualities of a Great Manager

    There are five things that make a good manager great. Let’s look at the following five leadership qualities: Honesty Communication skills Decisiveness Confidence Creativity Honesty Honesty is a critical characteristic that any manager must possess. If a team feels their manager is not telling them…Read More

  2. LISTENING is Critical for Success

    I am often asked, “What is the single most important thing a person can do to help their organization improve employee and labor relations?” In one word, the answer is “LISTEN.” Listen to your employees, coworkers, subordinates, union leaders, and superiors; listen to everyone, but you must …Read More

  3. What Makes A Successful Manager Successful? Part Two

    In part one of this two-part series, we took the opportunity to discuss the services of our HR consulting firm, Hutchison Group. Specifically, we highlighted the importance of an organization’s supervisors setting the tone of success for the entire company. The long and short of it is that your ma…Read More

  4. What Makes A Successful Manager Successful?

    Welcome back to the Hutchison Group’s official blog space! In recent posts of the past, we’ve taken the opportunity to discuss a variety of topics that our business consulting services address on some level. From employee relationship management and human resource training to helping businesses …Read More

  5. 7 Core Habits of Effective Managers

    At Hutchison Group, we’ve devoted ourselves to guiding the world’s best companies through transitions and changes. Our expertise has helped union leaders, managers, and employees figure out how to work together and increase productivity while reducing costs. In our decades of work, we’ve had s…Read More

  6. How to Manage and Reduce Employee Attrition

    No matter the business, chances are, people play a major role in your company’s success. A company’s ability to attract and retain talented employees is essential for meeting critical business goals and objectives, not to mention the innovation and improvements often contributed by experienced p…Read More

  7. How to Be an Effective Human Resources Leader

    Key Actions for Impactful Human Resource Professionals Working with hundreds of human resource professionals over the course of my career, I have observed certain characteristics and actions that are shared by the most highly effective and impactful human resource leaders and human resource consulta…Read More

  8. Five Things Managers can do to Improve Employee Relations

    Having spent thirty years as a human resource and labor relations consultant, I have observed that a positive labor relations environment is highly dependent on the relationship between employees and their immediate manager or supervisor. Listed below are five important actions that managers should …Read More

  9. Understand Your Risk for Unionization

    Union Organizing Campaigns are Costly and Disruptive - For those organizations that have a non-union workforce, we can help our client company discreetly determine their vulnerability to potential union organizing. Having worked with both union and non-union companies over the past 30 years, we have…Read More