Welcome to Hutchison Group! For those companies that have union-represented employees, working together with union leadership in a spirit of partnership and cooperation can help reduce conflicts, improve productivity, and set the stage for constructive union contract negotiations. Our labor relations consultants work with both management and union leadership to assess the current labor relations environment, identifying problems and developing practical solutions to achieve meaningful change. If your company would like to improve union and management cooperation and negotiate competitive “win-win” collective bargaining agreements, contact us for a free consultation.  

  1. Renegotiating Union Contracts During COVID-19

    During times of crisis or uncertainty, it is important that company management and union officials remain flexible and consider new workforce strategies and ways to improve labor relations in order to keep their business viable, for both shareholders and employees. This message has never been more p…Read More

  2. Creating Positive and Productive Work Environments

    In today’s increasingly competitive business environment, it is essential for employers to effectively leverage the skills and talents of their employees. Listed below are five elements that have proven helpful in achieving this goal. Get Everyone Focused on the Same Goals First and foremost, it i…Read More

  3. Why are Labor Disputes Between Nurses and Hospitals Increasing?

    It’s about more than money Are labor disputes between nurses and hospitals on the rise or are they simply being covered in the news more often?  Nurses strikes are not new, but they are becoming more frequent. Having worked in the healthcare field for the past 25 years, I truly believe that nurse…Read More

  4. How Clear Policies Can Help Improve Employee Relations

    When it comes to running a profitable business, one of the key components necessary for success is maintaining a good relationship with the workforce. But, understanding how to keep employees engaged during periods of change is not always a simple task. Here at Hutchinson Group, we work with compani…Read More

  5. Working With Unions to Improve Company Performance

    Given The Right Relationship, Unions Can Help Companies Achieve their Goals and Objectives For those companies that have union-represented employees, working together with union leaders in a spirit of partnership and cooperation can actually help improve company performance. Establish Mutual Interes…Read More

  6. The Benefits of Effective Communication

    Effective communication is beneficial in so many ways. Communication obstacles can make every aspect of your day-to-day business operations more complicated and difficult, and if you aren’t already focusing on the ways to improve communication within your organization, it’s time to start. At the…Read More

  7. Why General Wage Increases Don’t Motivate Employees

    Most large corporations in the United States provide their hourly employees with annual pay increases by calculating an increase pool based on a percentage of their total payroll, and then equally distribute these funds to each employee in the form of a fixed amount or percentage of pay, regardless …Read More

  8. Improved Union Relations Lead to Productive Contract Negotiations

    Achieving Cooperative Partnerships and Competitive Labor Agreements In order for companies that have represented employees to be successful, it is essential that management and union leadership are able to develop and sustain cooperative partnerships and ensure that their negotiated labor agreement…Read More