Welcome to the Hutchison Group! We provide expert HR due diligence services for mergers and acquisitions and have helped some of the world’s best companies achieve their M&A goals. We work in both union and nonunion environments and are highly regarded for our ability to identify potential risks and opportunities for improvement. For unionized operations we carefully evaluate current collective bargaining agreements and, when needed, can negotiate new competitive union contracts. At nonunion locations we assess the organization’s vulnerability to potential union organizing. With over 35 years of experience, Hutchison Group HR due diligence M&A consultants are among the best in the business. Contact us for more information. 

  1. Acquisition of Union Represented Operations

    Important Options and Considerations  The following is intended to provide an overview of key considerations and options available to the Buyer when acquiring a union represented operation by means of an Asset Purchase Sale. Unlike a Stock Purchase acquisition, where the Buyer inherits the existing…Read More

  2. HR Due Diligence for Successful M&A Projects

    Research consistently shows that a due diligence process that includes a careful review of important HR and people-related issues, identifying potential risks and opportunities for improvement, is far more likely to yield a successful M&A outcome. Hutchison Group consultants have decades of expe…Read More

  3. Negotiating Government Incentives for Your Business

    Some years ago, a wise man said, If you don’t know where you’re going, you’ll probably end up someplace else". The same idea applies to obtaining government incentives. If you don’t know what’s available, what you want, or understand past precedents, you’ll probably wind up settling for …Read More

  4. Planning for Successful Divestitures

    When thinking about merger and acquisition strategies, we naturally focus on the details associated with acquiring a new business but often forget about the importance of having a solid plan when selling or divesting a business. As part of our divestiture planning process, we work with the seller t…Read More

  5. Successful Mergers and Acquisitions

    Research consistently shows that the acquiring company has a limited time frame in which to act and must develop an action plan for a fast, well-focused transition. Key changes must be accelerated in order to capture value. It is important that all changes affecting people are in place and communica…Read More