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  1. Half a Wheel Won’t Roll

    Far too often blame gets placed solely on the manager if things aren’t going well for his/her department or working group.  Of course, managers are responsible for their team, however, they alone cannot ensure success. The entire team must contribute as well. Great managers must know how to creat…Read More

  2. Be Part of a Successful Team

    While reflecting on my past nursing experience, I realize why I preferred working in a hospital setting rather than a solo nursing career (i.e. home health care or private duty nurse).  The reason; working in the hospital setting gave me the satisfaction of being part of a team. Teamwork helps to c…Read More

  3. People are Key to Company Success

    While there are many variables that determine the success or failure of a business, it is generally acknowledged that having a talented and motivated workforce is one of the most important factors. The following information is intended to highlight several key actions that a company can take in orde…Read More

  4. The Importance of Visible Leadership

    Having conducted hundreds of employee assessments over the years, there are several themes that are constant, one if which is that employees want their company’s leaders to be visible and accessible. Building Relationships and Trust Show People that you Care - Typically, managers who are visible t…Read More

  5. The Top 3 Ways A Human Resources Consultant Can Help Lower Your Stress

    Are you interested in working with a human resources consultant? Find out how hiring an HR consulting firm can drastically cut down on your stress. For example, during mergers and acquisitions or company restructuring, tensions and anxieties can often run high. For those in positions of senior manag…Read More

  6. Is it Time to Hire an HR Consultant?

    Effective human resources is essential for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Regardless of the industry your business is in — or if you have a small, family-owned company or a large, international corporation — you can’t afford not to have an effective human resources (HR) department. An eff…Read More

  7. Fielding the Right Team

    It is widely understood that there is no greater factor in determining an organization's success than that of having a talented and motivated team of employees. The following article highlights key factors in selecting employees and the importance of placing them in positions where they are best abl…Read More

  8. Gain Valuable Insights with Employee Relations Assessments

    Success Depends on People Working Together - LISTEN to Your Employees: It is widely acknowledged that good employee relations are one of the cornerstones to the success of most any business. People that are engaged and motivated can provide their employer with a real competitive advantage, generatin…Read More