Success Depends on People Working Together – LISTEN to Your Employees:

It is widely acknowledged that good employee relations are one of the cornerstones to the success of most any business. People that are engaged and motivated can provide their employer with a real competitive advantage, generating creative ideas for improving business performance, productivity and teamwork.

bResearch consistently shows that the best way to identify opportunities for improving employee relations and productivity is to LISTEN to what your employees have to say. At Hutchison Group, we have had great success over the past 20 years using our proprietary focus group methodology to obtain meaningful employee feedback, enabling the company to benefit in many ways. Here are a few of the benefits you’ll gain through our employee relations training:

  • Valuable employee perceptions and insights
  • The ability to identify perceived problems and obstacles
  • Practical suggestions from employees for improvement
  • A reduced risk of employee grievances and litigation
  • An assessment of vulnerability to possible union organizing attempts

Just as important as their paycheck, the vast majority of employees want to be recognized and appreciated by their employer. Interestingly, when conducting these types of sessions with employees, the process itself provides a valuable reaffirmation that management does in fact value the ideas and suggestions from its employees.